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Land & Liberty has been published since 1894, and offers a unique perspective with its reports, features and analysis giving an unique view of the political economy.

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pdf Land & Liberty Issue 1242 (Spring 2018)

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Issue 1242 Web.pdf

Land & Liberty Issue 1242 (Spring 2018)

In this issue:

The Higher Societal Goal by Dunacan Pickard

Economic Freedom by Gavin Karr

Combat a Crisis by Anthony Werner

Closing Thought by Ed Dodson

pdf Land & Liberty Issue 1241 (Autumn 2017) Popular

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Issue 1241 Web.pdf

Land & Liberty Issue 1241 (Autumn 2017)

In this issue:

The Balanced Society - restoring balance through public revenue without taxation

The Religious George - the ethical and religiosu ideas fuelling Henryg Gerorge's Thought

Book Review: How will Capitalism End

HGF News 

Closing Thoughts: The Implications of the Grenfell Tower disastor


pdf Land & Liberty Issue 1240 (Summer 2017) Popular

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Issue 1240 WEB.pdf

Land & Liberty Issue 1240 (Summer 2017)

In this Issue:

Taking the Crucial Steps

Herbert Spencer in Retrospect

Review of Reconstructing Urban Economics

HGF News

Closing Thoughts: Why religion turns a blind eye to the land question


pdf Land & Liberty Issue 1239 (Spring 2017) Popular

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Issue 1239a WEB.pdf

Land & Liberty Issue 1239 (Spring 2017)

Inside this issue:

Higher, Higher, Higher - the impact of land values on the landscape of New York City

Hey USA - Are You all Right?

Naturally Linked - The link between natural rights and natural duties

News, Reviews & Closing Thoughts

pdf Land & Liberty Issue 1238 (Winter 2016/17) Popular

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Issue 1238 WEB.pdf

Land & Liberty Issue 1238 (Winter 2016/17)

Inside this issue

Lest we Forget - the build up to 2008

One View on Interest

Ruling ideas - Plato, Aristotle & Henry George

News, Reviews, & Closing Thoughts

pdf Land&Liberty Issue 1237 (Summer 2016) Popular

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Land&Liberty Issue 1237 (Summer 2016)


In this issue

Filling Knowledge Gaps - the UN's New Urban Agenda

LVT Based Fiscal reform

The IU's UN history 

1926 IU Presidential Address

Can LVT Fund Infrastructure?

A Realistic LVT Policy

Book reviews

pdf Land&Liberty Issue 1236 (Spring 2016) Popular

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Land&Liberty Issue 1236 (Spring 2016)

In this issue:

LVT and housing

Rethink, Reform the UK tax system

Justice in Nature

News, Reviews, Closing Thoughts