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pdf Land & Liberty Issue 1238 (Winter 2016/17) Popular

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Land & Liberty Issue 1238 (Winter 2016/17)

Inside this issue

Lest we Forget - the build up to 2008

One View on Interest

Ruling ideas - Plato, Aristotle & Henry George

News, Reviews, & Closing Thoughts

pdf Land&Liberty Issue 1237 (Summer 2016) Popular

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Land&Liberty Issue 1237 (Summer 2016)


In this issue

Filling Knowledge Gaps - the UN's New Urban Agenda

LVT Based Fiscal reform

The IU's UN history 

1926 IU Presidential Address

Can LVT Fund Infrastructure?

A Realistic LVT Policy

Book reviews

pdf Land&Liberty Issue 1236 (Spring 2016) Popular

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Land&Liberty Issue 1236 (Spring 2016)

In this issue:

LVT and housing

Rethink, Reform the UK tax system

Justice in Nature

News, Reviews, Closing Thoughts

pdf Land&Liberty Issue 1235 (Winter 2015) Popular

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Land&Liberty Issue 1235 (Winter 2015)

In this issue:

Land Taxing Physiocrats

The Flaws of City Planning

Tolstoy Pondering George

News, Reviews & Closing Thoughts 

pdf Land&Liberty Issue 1234 (Summer 2015) Popular

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Land&Liberty Issue 1234 (Summer 2015)

In this issue:

Henry George


Conceptions of Property

Three Doctors - competing theories on inequality

News, reviews, & Closing Thoughts 

pdf Land&Liberty Issue 1233 (Spring 2015) Popular

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Land&Liberty Issue 1233 (Spring 2015)

In this issue:

Thomas Paine Revisited

What Picketty Forgot

The Call for Ethics

George contra Darwin

News, Reviews & Closing Thoughts

pdf Land&Liberty Issue 1232 (Spring 2014) Popular

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Land&Liberty Issue 1232 (Spring 2014)

In this issue:

Money Talking

The Idea of Property

Solving the Housing Problem

Heidigger on Place and Dwelling

News & Reviews

pdf Land&Liberty Issue 1231 (Spring 2013) Popular

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Land&Liberty Issue 1231 (Spring 2013)


In this issue:

3,2,1- Action - The potential or new media platforms

The Three Slaveries

Alanna Hartzok and the IU

News, Reviews & Letters


pdf Land&Liberty Issue 1230 (Spring 2012) Popular

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Land&Liberty Issue 1230 (Spring 2012)

In this issue:

The Euro Crisis

Young and Angry - a Visit to #OccupyLSX

Danish Party Time - a look at Denmark's Political System

Winning Essay in the HGF Competition

Review of John Clare Voice of Freedom

pdf Land&Liberty Issue 1229 (Winter 2011) Popular

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Land&Liberty Issue 1229 (Winter 2011)

In this issue:

The student debt bomb

How to get out of a recession

Property Porn

Modern Day Clearances

Wake up you've been screwed

pdf Land&Liberty Issue 1228 (Summer 2010) Popular

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Land&Liberty Issue 1228 (Summer 2010)

In this issue:

Our New Friends in Government

Letter form Australia

Location Value Covenants

Henry George & Money

pdf Land&Liberty Issue 1227 (Spring 2010) Popular

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Land&Liberty Issue 1227 (Spring 2010)

In this issue:

  • Ignoring George - why Britain's politicians don't want to know
  • Parliament - better off hung?
  • Monopoly's hidden history
  • On the right track - getting public transportation back on the rails
  • Publishing Progress - an interview with Anthony Werner

plus: news, reviews and commentary

pdf Land&Liberty Issue 1226 (Winter 2009-10) Popular

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Land&Liberty Issue 1226 (Winter 2009-10)
  • The World in 2020
  • Churchill and Henry George
  • Nothing to fear from free trade
  • Clive Anderson and the land tax