Greg Fisher - Complexity

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Greg has a very distinguished background. He studied at Cambridge and has worked at the Bank of England. He recently moved from ResPublica to start up his new apolitical think tank "Synthesis."

Greg is working at the cutting edge of economic theory. He works with complexity theory. This way of dealing with complex systems has been developed in the natural sciences over the last half century but economics had been left behind. Conventional economics still uses the mathematical models which are only validly applicable to simple systems and this is one of the reasons for its failure.

Greg gave a simple introduction to this new way of working and hinted at how it was applicable to thinking about taxing land values.

However he also was keen to give us the big picture and hinted at a new way of looking at economics based on a very different idea of the agent than that used by conventional economics.

It was a talk that opened up new vistas.

His slides can be viewed here: Greg Fisher presentation.

In passing Greg mentioned the very important work of David Tuckett and his pioneering work on the psycho analysis of financial markets.

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