New Course Autumn 2019

The Friday Evening Study Group
Please note the start time will be 6:45 and end at 8:15pm
Political Economy
A new course presented by David Triggs
This five-session course will consider the principles that underlie the production and distribution of wealth within and between nations. Using UK experience as an example it considers how the health, wealth, prosperity, peace and happiness of its people are affected by the extent to which those principles are recognised in current socioeconomic arrangements.

Session 1.  Introduction. 
The Issues and Overview: The scope of the course and the relevance of political economy to today‚Äôs key issues: Living and the Making of a Living, Employment, Housing, Trade, Boom/Bust, Sustainability, the Environment, Conflict/War and Peace etc. The language of Political Economy - the meaning of key terms in order to avoid confusion with their meanings when used colloquially, by the media, or by different schools of economic thought. 


Half Term: no meeting

Session 2. The Production of Wealth.
Essential Factors (Land, Labour & Capital), their nature and interaction. Different modes of production. The impact of population growth, specialisation, the development of new technologies and sources of energy.

Session 3. The Distribution of Wealth. 
The earnings of Labour and Capital, The Rent of Land. The impact of taxes, profits and monopolies.

Session 4. The Exchange of Wealth. 
Trade, specialisation, credit, money. Barriers to trade, protection or free trade.

Session 5. Conclusions and Possible Remedies. 
Fiscal and monetary reform, freedom and economic justice, global and environmental implications. World Peace?
You may attend one session or as many as you wish
ADMISSION FREE - voluntary donations please
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