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1   Link   Progress and Poverty
Progress and Poverty and other works by Henry George are available online at the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation library.
2   Link   Shepheard-Walwyn publishers
You can purchase Henry George's "Progress and Poverty" and "Science of Political Economy" online here. You will is also find a number of other related titles on ethical economics.
3   Link   Directory of Georgist Organisations worldwide
The Henry George Foundation is a member of The Council of Georgist Organisations (CGO) and The International Union for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade
4   Link   Georgist News
A monthly international email newsletter. Its purpose is to keep those sympathetic to George's teaching updated on the latest news, world events, projects, and relevant initiatives.
5   Link   Land and Liberty Magazine
Published by the Henry George Foundation, Land & Liberty offers an unique perspective with its reports, analysis and comment on the core issues of political economy.
6   Link   The Progress Report
Independent, international daily news site devoted to economic justice
7   Link   Henry George's Concept of Money
A very informative essay on the implications of Henry George's concept of money for the 21st Century by Stephen Zarlenga of the AMI
8   Link   Land Value Taxation Campaign
Actively campaigns for the adoption of LVT. This site is a good source of up to date information about relevant issues in the UK.
9   Link   Labour Land Campaign
A voluntary group working enthusiastically for land reform within the Labour Movement strongly influenced by Henry George's ideas
10   Link   The Liberal Democrat's ALTER
Action for Land Value Taxation and Economic Reform working "towards getting the policy of Land Value Taxation accepted by the modern heirs of Liberalism."
11   Link   Economics with Justice
The School of Economics Science, a member of the CGO offers evening classes in "Economics with Justice" in London, Oxford and other centres in the UK.
12   Link   Parliamentary Stationary Office
Memorandum by the Henry George Foundation (EMP 27) to the Select Committee on Transport, Local Government and the Regions.
13   Link   Land is Free
Provides a valuable collection of articles on the land question.
14   Link   Channel Computing Limited
The developers of this content managed community web site
15   Link   International Union for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade (IU)
International independent NGO seeking to apply in a broad way the teachings of Henry George
16   Link   Henry George Society of Devon
Newly formed independent society in Totnes promoting the teaching of Henry George
17   Link   Henry George Society of Kent
Newly formed independent society promoting the teaching of Henry George in Kent

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