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Land & Liberty Magazine

Land & Liberty Magazine ( 13 Files )

Land & Liberty Magazine

Land & Liberty has been published since 1894, and offers a unique perspecitve with its reports, features and analysis giving an unique view of the political economy.

The latest issue of Land & Liberty Magazine can be downloaded or viewed here.

Land Value Monitor

Land Value Monitor ( 6 Files )

Land Value Monitor

The Henry George Foundation has tracked development in land values across the UK since 2003, and the results are published in our regular Land Value Monitor.

Henry George Foundation Library

Henry George Foundation Library ( 3 Files )

Henry George Foundation Reference Library

The Henry George Foundation Library contains a wide range of books on the subjects of land reform, social justice, and equitable forms of taxation.  It also contains a real jewel - all the copies of Land & Liberty magazine going back to its inception in 1895.

The Library is housed at Mandeville Place, off Bond Street in London, and can be visited by arrangement.

Please contact the Henry George Foundation Reference Library manager Tommas Graves for further information.

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